Divorce and Your Transition to Single Motherhood

The dream of countless little girls is to grow up to have a fantasy wedding to Prince Charming, build a family, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, some women grow up to discover that Prince Charming is not the man he seemed to be. Divorce can come as a welcome relief from a stressful, unsatisfying life. Or it can come out of the blue with the service of divorce papers filed by Prince Charming himself.

Either way, a woman who is raising children and looking at divorce proceedings faces a multitude of difficulties, pressures, and anxieties. The goal is to deal with these stresses and come out in one piece ready to begin a new life. The following is some basic advice that we have learned in our years of experience helping moms through the ups and downs of divorce.

Take care of yourself

During divorce, you must juggle the transition to living and parenting solo. You may have to balance all of this with continuing demands at work and the intricacies of a divorce proceeding. It is specifically at times like these that it is important to engage in self-care, even though it is the hardest time to do it. Some important ways to take care of yourself are:

  • Get regular exercise
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Seek the company of your friends
  • Get enough sleep
  • Continue (or start) a hobby that you enjoy
  • Divorce your divorce from your feelings

Many women feel a great weight has lifted from them when they realize their marriage is finally over. But at the same time, many may feel angry, hurt, betrayed or jealous. Sometimes counseling can be valuable to put these emotions into perspective so that you can remain constructive. Keeping negative emotions out of your legal divorce process is extremely important to ensuring the best outcome for you and your family.

Look at the big picture

Your divorce may seem like it may last forever. But in the end, you earn the opportunity to begin a whole life and a bright future.

Helping you through your divorce is our job. Contact us to see how a family law attorney in our office can help protect you and your children’s rights during your divorce.