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At the law offices of Alsobrook Jackson, Attorneys at Law our experienced Alabama drug crime attorneys are passionate about representing those who find themselves mixed up in the Alabama criminal justice system. With years of experience effectively representing those charged with drug crimes, we know how to navigate the Alabama criminal justice system and ensure your rights are protected. If you are facing drug charges in Auburn, Opelika, Tuskegee, Alexander City, Tallassee, Phenix City or Columbus do not hesitate to contact us today – you have the right to representation from an experienced, competent lawyer who will look out for your best interests!

Drug Charges Can Carry Serious Consequences

Remember: being charged with a drug crime is not the same as being convicted of a drug crime. However, a charge can quickly turn into a conviction if you fail to take the right steps to protect your rights and defend yourself against charges.

If you are convicted of a drug crime in Alabama, you may face serious penalties. Some potential penalties for a drug crime conviction include:

  • The revocation of your driver’s license;
  • Court fines and fees;
  • Financial penalties associated with the crime for which you are convicted;
  • Incarceration time;
  • Mandatory rehabilitation/drug education classes;
  • Community service;
  • Probation; and
  • Permanent mark on your criminal record.

These effects are very serious. In addition to spending time in jail, which most people regard as the worst of the potential consequences, you may also be lose custody of children, be forced to quit your job, be unable to secure employment in the future, and face other limitations, such as educational or housing limitations. These consequences can change the course of your life.

Keep in mind that the state of Alabama punishes the possession, use, distribution, and cultivation/manufacture of drugs very harshly. In fact, even the possession of marijuana for personal use, which has been decriminalized or legalized in some states in the nation and is considered quite innocuous elsewhere, is a class A misdemeanor in Alabama. A class A misdemeanor conviction can carry a penalty of up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $6,000. If you sell or distribute marijuana, the penalty increases to a class B felony, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $30,000.

When you are charged with a drug crime and your future is on the line, taking your chances by representing yourself is not worth it. You want an experienced Alabama drug crimes defense attorney on your side!

We Provide Experienced Representation for a Wide Range of Drug Crime Offenses

Our experienced Alabama drug crime attorneys know that you don’t want an inexperienced lawyer representing you when your future is on the line, which is why we can confidently tell you that we provide knowledgeable representation for a wide range of drug crime offenses. We can help you to fight charges of:

  • Illegal drug possession;
  • Illegal drug distribution; and
  • Illegal drug manufacturing or/and cultivating.

We can also help you if you are charged with the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In addition to fighting charges of the drug crimes listed above, we also have experience defending our clients against both misdemeanor and felony offenses, as well as federal drug crime charges. A federal drug crime charge is the most serious of drug crime offenses, and will surely result in a long incarceration period and heavy fines.

Common Strategies for Beating Drug Crime Charges

We want to help you mitigate the most severe of drug crime charges by pursuing a smart strategy and defense. If you are pleading not guilty to your drug offense, some common defenses that we may employ to secure a conviction of innocent include:

  • Lack of knowledge of being possession of the drugs;
  • Drugs in question were legal (i.e. prescription drugs); or
  • Lack of possession.

We can also help you to prove that your constitutional rights were violated, and therefore evidence against you must be suppressed. For example, we can build a case that proves that the police obtained the drugs or other evidence against you via illegal search and seizure, or that you were tricked into making a confession without being read your Miranda rights.

If securing an innocent decision or having evidence against you dismissed are not possible, we can explore other strategies for beating drug crime charges. In addition to negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution – in which you plead guilty in exchange for some sort of concession, such as reduced charges – we can also help you to explore alternative sentencing. An example of alternative sentencing would be participation in a drug diversion program and a probationary period rather than prison time. Alternative sentencing may sit favorably with a court if you have not been convicted of a crime in the past.

Our Attorneys Are Ready to Serve You

Our Alabama drug crimes attorneys at the offices of Alsobrook Jackson, Attorneys at Law serve clients in counties throughout the state of Alabama and Georgia, although our main office is located in Opelika, AL. However, we realize that when you are facing criminal charges for a drug crime, you may be unable to travel to our location. If this is the case, just call us, and we will gladly travel to where you are, including county jails. We are committed to serving you.

Contact Us Today to Start Building Your Defense Now

If you are convicted of a drug crime, there is a very good possibility your entire life may change. If you want to improve the chances of securing your future possible, you need representation from our experienced Alabama drug crime attorneys. To schedule your free consultation with the law offices of Alsobrook Jackwson  contact us at (334) 737-3718. You can also contact us online by filling out the contact form on our website. Remember, the longer you wait to take action, the more uncertain the future becomes.

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