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At Alsobrook Jackson, Attorneys at Law we know that being prepared for the future can save time and money when it comes to estates. Attorney Raymond Jackson, understands the proper estate plan is a continuing process and should be started as soon as you have assets important enough to preserve for those you care for. Great estate plans are designed to grow with you as your life goes on and your goals change. We work hard on these plans because they are important. The lack of proper planning can cause unwanted taxes to those we wish to take care of. Our estate planning services include:

  • preparation of wills,
  • naming an executor of the will
  • durable powers of attorney to direct assets and investments
  • living wills
  • funeral arrangements
  • setting beneficiaries on plans like IRAs, Life Insurance and 401(k) plans
  • guardianship’s for living dependents
  • creating annual gifts to reduce the tax consequences

The purpose of a trust in this manner is the management of assets over multiple family generations. Trusts can be tailored to avoid certain taxation or to protect the remnants of an estate. We prepare, as needed to accomplish the clients’ goals, a variety of trusts, including charitable trusts, so-called “living trusts,” and other forms of grantor trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, and qualified personal residence trusts. We have extensive experience with contested will, trust, and estate matters in state courts.

The firm also represents persons involved in other Probate Court matters such as adoptions and protective proceedings. Adoption is the act of making a child not born to you, your legal child. Any minor may be adopted but in most states the adoption of a child over 14 years of age requires the child’s consent to the adoption. Protective proceedings, such as guardianship’s and conservatorship’s take place solely within the jurisdiction of the Probate Court. An involuntary commitment is the legal process where a person with symptoms of severe mental illness is court ordered to treatment. Sometimes a person needs to be protected from harmful situations, like an involuntary commitment proceeding, which can take you out of the home you know and put into the care of the states mental health system. We have experience with involuntary commitments, adoptions, and other probate-related matters.

If you live anywhere in the states of Alabama or Georgia and have a question about an estate plan or an issue of probate, then you need to call Raymond Jackson at our law firm today. We would be glad to walk you through these complicated issues and put your mind at ease. Also, a lot of these issues can be taken care of without you making a physical trip to our office, utilizing phone calls and the U.S. Postal Service.

So, call our Opelika, Alabama office today to set up your consultation with Raymond Jackson, at 334-737-3718.

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