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Appellate practice is an increasingly specialized area of law with which attorney Zach Alsobrook has a great deal of experience. He have extensive experience representing clients before state and federal appellate courts throughout Alabama. We provide clients seeking representation in appellate matters knowledgeable counseling and legal advice based on our deep understanding of the appellate process. We are licensed in all Alabama State and Federal courts, as well as the United States, Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Although all cases are initially tried at the trial court level, the losing party may appeal the case to higher courts known as appellate courts. Our appellate team of attorneys concentrates on advocating cases before state and federal appellate courts, including state supreme courts and the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Our appellate attorneys work for you, to correct errors of trial court judges and change the law by persuading appellate courts to overturn lower court decisions or to expand or change the interpretation of statutory law. Because we have experienced the rigorous demands of appellate courts and know the importance of appellate advocacy, we have lawyers dedicated to representing clients through the appeals process in federal and state appellate courts. The appellate process has to be initiated under specific time constraints. Time is of the essence.

If you have questions concerning the results of litigation in which you were a losing party, call our office at 334.737.3718, for a free consultation. You can also contact us online, the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Alsobrook Jackson Attorneys at Law are prepared to speak with you to help you navigate the appellate process.

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