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college drinking in Alabama

Injured on Campus: Who is Responsible?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

When you send your child away to college, your primary source of concern should be on their ability to keep up with their class work and to have access to healthy food. You should not, under any circumstances, need to worry about their safety. Unfortunately, increased incidents of campus violence and accidents make this… Read More »

Personal injury attorney in Alabama

How Do I Choose an Attorney for an Alabama Accident Claim?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

You may be considering hiring a personal injury attorney if you have sustained serious injuries in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. In many ways, deciding to pursue a lawsuit is the easy part. It’s finding the most qualified Alabama personal injury attorney to take your case that can be challenging. While it’s… Read More »

Social media - boating safety - Alsobrook & Agricola

Boating Safety on Alabama Lakes

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

No one thinks they might get into a boating accident when they set sail on Alabama lakes. The weather is hot and they just want to relax and cool down with family and friends. However, the United States Coast Guard reports an average of 4,000 boating accidents and 625 fatalities every year. Drowning causes… Read More »

Social media - personal injury case - Alsobrook & Agricola

How Much is My Injury Case Worth

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, medical malpractice, defective product, slip and fall accident or another type of significant injury, you are probably considering whether you should sue the responsible party. You have medical bills, missed time from work, and are forced to deal with emotional trauma due to someone… Read More »

Social media - drug case - Alsobrook & Agricola

How Social Media Can Impact My Drug Case in Alabama

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, you may not have considered how your online activities could affect your case. According to the latest numbers from Pew Research, seven in ten Americans now use social media to connect with friends, loved ones, and professional resources. Social media is also a popular source of entertainment…. Read More »

DUI in Auburn AL

Drunk Driving in the State of Alabama

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

Getting pulled over for a DUI in Auburn or Opelika is a serious matter. But, just because you were arrested on a drunk driving charge, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any rights or will automatically be convicted. Alabama has taken measures to increase the penalties for impaired driving in the state, but… Read More »

Last will & testament attorneys - Alsobrook & Agricola

Do I Need a Will in Alabama?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

No matter who you are, your education or background, your finances or number of family members, having a will is one of the smartest things that you can do. At the law offices of Zach Alsobrook we understand that having a will may seem as though it is something fit only for the rich… Read More »

Living Will and Alsobrook & Agricola

What Is a Living Will?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

If you have an estate plan, or if you have been thinking about an estate plan, then you have probably heard of the terms “will” and “living will.” While the two may sound like they are the exactly same thing, a will and a living will are two very different legal document types, and… Read More »

Auburn Opelika Accident Attorneys

Accidents with Commercial Vehicles: Common Causes & Liability  

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

  Accidents with commercial vehicles continue to take the lives of Alabama residents every year. In fact, in the year 2015 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that there were 103 large commercial trucks involved in fatal crashes in the state, comprising 8.7 percent of all vehicles involved in fatal collisions…. Read More »

Railroad crossing accident attorney - Alsobrook & Agricoal

Tips for Staying Safe and Avoiding Railroad Crossing Accidents

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

Railways are an important part of the American infrastructure, and are critical for the transportation of products, people, and goods throughout the country. However, railways can also be very dangerous, and in Alabama, dozens of people suffer serious or fatal injuries every year as a result of an accident at a railroad crossing. In… Read More »

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