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How Long Does a Divorce Take in Alabama?

Alabama is one of the states that would prefer you take your divorce matter more slowly, and they enforce this with a mandatory waiting period. How long a divorce takes in Alabama, however, depends on several factors, chief among them whether you and your spouse can agree on major issues. Alabama’s Cooling Off Period Alabama […]

How to Deal with a First-Time DUI Arrest in Auburn

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a grave offense in Alabama. If a law enforcement agent stops you on suspicion of DUI and your blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds 0.08, you will face an arrest. The penalties you are likely to face when caught driving under the influence include a fine, driver’s license suspension, and/or […]

How Divorce Affects Your Student Loan Debt

Mostly, the stress and anxiety around divorce proceedings leave people unprepared for the financial consequences of a divorce. The emotional complications arising out of divorce litigation often take precedence over financial matters. However, if you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, you also need to realize the importance of money matters and address them […]

How Child Passengers Affect a DUI Charge in Auburn

There is perhaps no bigger blunder you can make than driving under the influence, when you have a child as a passenger with you in the car. You will invite grave consequences for this gross violation of law, whether you are traveling with your own child or any other child under your care and supervision. […]

How to Deal with Retaliatory Behaviors in Co-Parenting

After a separation or divorce, most parents set aside the pain of a failed relationship and try to focus on the needs of their children. However, there are people who are unable to build a conducive co-parenting relationship for the sake of their children. A fractious relationship with your ex can make co-parenting much more […]

Do Stay-At-Home Dads Have a Better Chance for Child Custody in an Auburn Divorce?

Many individuals would like to believe the custody regulations in Auburn, AL are gender-neutral, which means that no preferential treatment is provided to either parent based on sex. In years prior, the state had seen a preference for awarding mothers custody of young children, which is known as the “tender years doctrine.” These kinds of […]

Who Gets to Keep the Pets During a Divorce?

Divorces are always challenging and typically involve contentious fights over certain assets. In an Auburn, AL divorce, one common dispute involves the family pet. Who gets to keep the pet? Some states have passed a new regulation that treats pets more like children during a divorce. In these states, courts consider the animal’s best interest […]

Navigating a Home Transfer During an Auburn Divorce

If divorcing spouses can agree on who will keep their marital home, then the divorce decree will include that decision. However, if you and your partner decide that only you will keep the home, you will typically have to compensate your spouse for their share of the property’s equity. It is vital for you to […]

Who Pays Private School Tuition After an Auburn Divorce?

After a divorce, each parent has a duty to provide for their child financially, irrespective of the fact that the parents are no longer married, or the child may not reside with the parent on a full-time basis. Various factors influence the amount of child support. The state of Alabama has specific guidelines for calculating […]

How Do I Divorce My Military Spouse Who is Stationed Overseas?

State courts govern matters related to marriage and divorce. However, military personnel has special protections under federal law as well as special considerations about property, income, marital support, child custody, and benefits. It is best to work with an Auburn, Alabama divorce attorney who is familiar with these complicating factors if one or both spouses […]