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Helpful Tips for Dealing with A Divorce During the Holidays

Surviving the holidays during a divorce can be rough. Your first instinct may be to isolate yourself and deal with your emotional anguish all alone. Stemming from this, it’s best to enlist the support of your loved ones as well as seek legal guidance from a trusted divorce attorney. You need to keep moving forward […]

Can I Get Custody Even If the Divorce Was My Fault?

While making child custody decisions, Alabama family courts will focus on the child’s best interests. The court has powers under Alabama law to give custody to either one or both parents after proper consideration of all factors stated under Ala. Code § 30-3-1 (1975). A reputable divorce attorney can present compelling arguments during negotiations or […]

Child Support and Your Second Marriage

Remarriage on its own doesn’t necessarily impact the child support order in Alabama. However, it is another story if the remarriage results in the parent experiencing a significant change in their financial circumstances. This may be a cause to change the child support order. There is no basis to amend the child support order if […]

Were My Rights Violated During an Auburn Arrest?

Everyone has certain rights in the United States – and that also includes people accused of committing a crime. Most of these rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. It’s critical that you are aware of your rights because a violation by an arresting police officer in Auburn, AL may bolster your […]

How Inheritances Impact Alimony Payments in Alabama

When you are contemplating a divorce in Alabama or are going through the divorce process, it is important to be aware of the role of inheritance in deciding alimony payments. In general, inheritance is not considered marital or community property while dividing assets in an Alabama divorce. Moreover, there can be certain cases in which […]

The Growing Issue of Cryptocurrency During a Divorce

An estimated 20 million Americans have invested in cryptocurrency and the number keeps growing every day. People are attracted to highly volatile crypto assets because of their apparent potential to quickly deliver large gains. In a legal sense, cryptocurrency is an asset like other assets. It may be considered as marital or separate property during […]

Can You Record Your Spouse During an Alabama Divorce?

Marital conflict may sometimes reach a point where one or both spouses may find divorce to be the only remaining viable option. It’s human nature to try and get the upper hand in the divorce proceedings once you know that you are no longer together and each one has to fend for themselves. A friend’s […]

Dividing a Variable Annuity in a Divorce Settlement

It is important that you and your spouse are aware of the nature of each asset while dividing marital property during a divorce. Variable annuities are part of most retirement portfolios. They play a key role in the diversification of the portfolio and are useful in anchoring income allocation for individuals nearing retirement. You may […]

Charges You May Face After A Bar Fight In Auburn

A fun night out at the local bar can sometimes end in handcuffs. You may be unsure about what will happen next if you or a loved one were involved in a bar fight. What happens if you were only defending yourself? Individuals embroiled in bar fights are generally charged with assault and battery. This […]