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What Happens During a Criminal Trial in Alabama?

The criminal process in Alabama can be intimidating and complicated. Each case is different, and prosecutors employ unique approaches and relentless arguments to pursue convictions. In this situation, you may be left wondering how things will proceed during a criminal court trial. To begin with, you should know that the underlying fundamental aspects of a […]

Divorce And Your Children’s College Funding in Auburn

Children’s college funding is a top priority for most parents in the United States. The issue is likely to become more intense between co-parents during a divorce. This is because college tuition fees are significantly high, even if the children attend public institutions. For most children, getting into college can become prohibitively expensive if they […]

Signs Of Financial Infidelity in A Marriage

Infidelity in a marital relationship can rear its ugly head in a number of ways. Financial infidelity involves the lack of transparency and communication regarding the critical issue of money. It can put you at a serious disadvantage in terms of long-term financial security if you are unaware or lax about your spouse’s financial infidelity. […]

What Gives the Police Probable Cause To Search My Car?

It’s critical to have a fair understanding of road rules and how to react if you get pulled over by a law enforcement officer in Alabama. In fact, you should understand your rights well before you might face this type of encounter. A dedicated criminal defense attorney in Alabama can help you understand whether your […]

Situations That Can Lead to Wrongful Convictions

Being wrongfully accused and charged with a crime can be a nightmare for the victim. In some cases, the state of Alabama might provide $50,000 for each year a person was wrongfully imprisoned, as these cases are also reported in the media. With that said, facing prison time when you have done no wrong can […]

What Is a Brady Violation?

A brady violation refers to a violation of the Brady Rule, which requires prosecutors to not withhold any favorable evidence from the defense in a criminal case. For instance, the prosecution is required to let the defense know of any evidence that may lead to the charges being reduced or dropped altogether. A reliable criminal […]

How To Protect Your Cryptocurrency with A Prenup

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a host of others are significant financial assets, but with a highly fluctuating market value. This makes it important to address what happens to your crypto holdings in the event of a divorce. Whether you are a newbie dipping your toe in the pool of digital assets, or an […]

Wrongful Arrests Due to Police Report Mistakes

Wrongful arrests because of mistakes made in the police report are more common than most people would like to think. After all, police officers are only human, and the stress and rigors of their job can sometimes lead to serious mistakes and wrongful arrests. Unfortunately, a seemingly simple mistake by a police officer can result […]

What The Rise In Gig Economy Means For Divorce

The gig economy has grown by a whopping 33% since 2020. At least 16% of Americans have used Upwork, Fiverr, or a similar online platform in the last year. While there are several upsides to freelancing, remote work, and side hustles, but the gig economy also poses new complexities and challenges for divorcing couples. You […]

The Differences Between a Public Defender and a Private Attorney

When you are charged with a crime, one of the first decisions you must make is whether to retain the services of a private criminal defense attorney or a public defender. The decision to choose between a public defender and private counsel should not be panic driven. It’s critical to recognize that the judicial system […]