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How Will a Divorce Affect my Finances?

Whether you are in Auburn or anywhere else in Alabama or around the country, getting divorced is expensive. Not only will there be large one-time costs to pay for attorney fees, legal filings, etc., there are also likely to be some adverse ongoing financial consequences as well. About one out of every five women fall […]

Managing Child Rearing and Divorced Parents

It is not the way you envisioned your marriage but sometimes they do end in divorce. Alabama’s divorce rate is higher than most of the rest of the nation. According to data from the Census Bureau, Alabama ranks 16th in the country with a 12.3% divorce rate. And while dividing your lives and property is […]

How Do Hospitals Cover Up Medical Malpractice?

According to a 2018 research study by Johns Hopkins, over 250,000 patients in the United States die from medical errors every year, and millions more are injured. After cancer and heart disease, medical mistakes constitute the third-largest cause of death in the U.S. Hospitals often fail to report incidents involving medical negligence, which put the […]

How Can Social Media Negatively Impact My Divorce?

Once your divorce proceedings are in full swing, you should be prepared for the other party (through their attorney) to explore all legal ways to scrutinize your activities and behavior and find any possible evidence to support their case. Considering the high popularity and usage of social media, chances are that they will go through […]

What Should I Know About Products Liability?

While each person is different, and while there are thousands of different products on the market today, the motivation for buying or using a product is consistent and ubiquitous: a consumer buys a product because they believe that it will serve a need; be it comfort, security, convenience, status, or a practical or technical application. […]

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Alabama?

Losing a loved one can feel very, very unfair, especially if the loved one was killed an accident that could have been prevented, and that took the individual’s life well before their natural time. While there is nothing that a surviving family member can do to change the past and reverse what has happened, filing […]

What Impact Could Social Media Have on My Personal Injury Suit?

The consequences of using social media probably aren’t something you think much about. Social media use is ubiquitous, with the Pew Research Center reporting that about seven in 10 Americans use it to connect with others. In fact, it’s likely that you use multiple social media platforms on a regular basis, including popular sites like […]

How Serious Are Public Intoxication Charges in Alabama?

Having a drink or two and then walking down the street, hanging out in the park, or enjoying another public space may not seem like a crime. But in Alabama, public intoxication is indeed a serious offense, and one that can carry consequences if an offender is arrested and convicted. If you’ve been charged with […]

What Is a Civil Protection Order?

When an individual is a victim of domestic violence, they may feel completely trapped by their violent partner and situation, believing that they have no out and nowhere to turn. While a domestic violence situation can be suffocating, a victim of domestic violence does have options. One of those options is to seek a civil […]