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Dividing a Variable Annuity in a Divorce Settlement

It is important that you and your spouse are aware of the nature of each asset while dividing marital property during a divorce. Variable annuities are part of most retirement portfolios. They play a key role in the diversification of the portfolio and are useful in anchoring income allocation for individuals nearing retirement. You may […]

Charges You May Face After A Bar Fight In Auburn

A fun night out at the local bar can sometimes end in handcuffs. You may be unsure about what will happen next if you or a loved one were involved in a bar fight. What happens if you were only defending yourself? Individuals embroiled in bar fights are generally charged with assault and battery. This […]

Learn from Co-Parenting Mistakes

Adjusting your parenting style following a divorce can be challenging. This is especially true because emotions often run high between the co-parents after a divorce. However, it is important that you identify your mistakes and take the necessary steps for course correction if you are committed to providing a wholesome upbringing to your child in […]

How to Adopt a Stepchild in Alabama

Adoption is a big decision whether you are a stepparent or a birth parent. You should have a fair understanding of everything required under the law, what is expected of you, and who to consult with before you begin the stepchild adoption process. In general, the process of stepchild adoption is less rigorous and formal […]

What to Do After Being Served with Divorce Papers in Auburn, AL

Even if you have been long anticipating the end of your marriage, when your spouse actually serves you with divorce papers, it can be emotionally hard to deal with the situation. But it is important that you take immediate action towards protecting your legal rights upon receiving the papers. How your divorce proceedings go will […]

All About Guardians Ad Litem in Alabama

Guardian ad litem – commonly abbreviated as GAL – is a lawyer who is appointed by the court to represent the interests of minor children in divorce cases, child custody cases, child neglect, and abuse cases, juvenile delinquency cases, guardianship disputes, and other cases where minor children are involved. Ad litem is a Latin term […]

How Does Emotional Abuse Impact an Auburn, AL Divorce?

Divorce is likely to become more complicated whenever emotional or physical abuse is involved in a marriage. In these cases, chances are that the abuse was the primary or one of the key reasons leading to the divorce. Abuse can impact several details in the final divorce settlement. You should know how abuse can impact […]