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Preparing for Divorce Mediation in Auburn, AL

When it comes to divorce in Auburn, you have already won on some levels if you are considering divorce mediation. Both you and your spouse have won, especially if you have kids, because while you and your partner may not agree on many things and maybe facing an incredibly difficult time in your lives, you both have made a conscious choice to avoid the unnecessary turmoil of a court battle. Also, if you are reading this, it means that you are approaching divorce mediation in a thoughtful and serious manner.

With some careful preparation for divorce mediation in Auburn, AL, you will be ready to achieve your objectives of reducing stress, keeping conflict low, saving substantially on legal fees, maintaining your privacy, and preventing your kids from the aftermath of a messy divorce battle.

Work with a Reliable Divorce Mediator in Auburn, AL

In identifying a family mediator, the most vital consideration is that you trust them to navigate you through the mediation process. The areas you cover in mediation will be sensitive and personal. The emotions may run high, along with complicated financial matters.

Deeper issues regarding decision-making, time-sharing, and communication will prevail if children are involved. Your mediator should be an individual you feel comfortable with throughout the mediation process.

Further, placing trust in your mediator means having confidence in that individual’s ability as a professional. A robust background in conflict resolution most likely shows that your mediator has the training and skill to help you mediate. It also shows your mediator’s intention to focus on this area. In divorce mediation, the considerations and issues are distinct from another area of mediation and divorce litigation. Set up a face-to-face meeting with them to see if it is a sound fit.

Gather Your Financial Information

During your divorce mediation, your mediator should guide you to organize information that you will need to bring to your mediation session. Both parties will be asked to bring financial information with them during these sessions. The “voluntary disclosure” is as straightforward as enlisting your assets, liabilities, and income information and presenting statements to verify this information.

Skilled mediators will provide you with a simple, concise form with categories for you to fill in and paperwork to bring with you. Both parties will fill in their bank account details, real estate, retirement accounts, timeshares, vehicles, and any other assets they may have. Further, information about loans, credit cards, and other debts need to be declared. The spouses will also need to verify their income.

In comparison, during the litigation process, you both would have to endure a “formal legal discovery” process. At times, the process can escalate conflict. The consequences for the concealment of assets or being dishonest about income are the same in litigation and mediation. This offers people more security to trust the process of voluntary disclosure.

Focus on Your Interests, Not Positions

In the mediation process, your focus will be on your requirements and the reasons for those needs. It is not necessary that you agree with the other party about their wants and needs but comprehending your own interests and hearing your ex-partner’s interests is a game-changer in preparing to arrive at agreements.

It may actually make you realize that you have similar interests on some issues. If this occurs, your mediator can assist you in developing creative agreements that are beneficial to both parties. This is not always the case in litigation. So, start taking stock of your needs, wants, and “whys.” Upon considering your interests, be honest and real with yourself.

Your Top Priority should be Protecting the Health and Well-Being of Your Children

The traditional litigated divorce process in Auburn, AL, is typically finalized by a judge in court. However, mediation allows you and your ex-spouse to maintain control of your respective futures and maintain control over your kid’s future as well as your relationships with them.

Effectively approaching mediation with a willingness to work with each other to find resolutions on child-related matters that are agreeable to everyone enables you to solve problems and create a chance for both of you to be healthier ex-spouses.

The way you communicate with each other as parents after your divorce will have a significant effect on your children. After your divorce, you don’t want to come across as enemies. More than anything else, doing so could harm your children. Thus, throughout your divorce mediation, keep your children’s interests at the forefront.

Talk to Dedicated and Compassionate Auburn, AL Divorce Attorney

If you are contemplating divorce, you need a skilled lawyer by your side to offer sound legal counsel and support you during this challenging time. The seasoned attorneys at the Alsobrook Law Group have assisted countless clients in Auburn, AL navigate the divorce process.

We are client-focused and take time to understand our clients’ needs and desires. Further, we work hard to ensure that their interests and rights are well-protected. Whenever possible, we try to develop mutually agreeable resolutions that everyone can live with using processes like mediation. For a complimentary consultation and case review, call today at (334) 737-3718.