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Legal Service Outside Opelika

At Also Law Group our attorneys are proud to serve not only the community within Opelika, but also the surrounding areas. See a list of the services and the geographic locations in which we provide them below.

Zach Alsobrook practices Criminal, Family, and Personal Injury law in and around Opelika, Auburn, and Tuskegee. See the specific area of practice that you need assistance with below and then call our office for a consultation!

Tuskegee Car Accident – Car accidents happen frequently, and there’s more than meets the eye to these cases. If you’ve been in a car accident in Tuskegee, Alabama, visit our experienced legal team for a free consultation.

Auburn Truck Accident – Truck accidents are more complicated than car accidents. If you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident in Auburn, Alabama, visit our experienced legal team for a free consultation.

DUI Attorney in Auburn – Being charged with a DUI is a very serious offense in the state of Alabama. If you’ve been charged with this crime in Auburn, you need a lawyer by your side. Visit us for a free consultation.

Child Custody Attorney in Auburn – Child custody cases can be complicated, and you need an experienced attorney for such a case. If you are in a custody battle in Auburn, Alabama, visit us to speak with an experienced family lawyer today.

Child Support Attorney in Auburn – Child support is a very important aspect of family law. If you are in a child support battle you need a lawyer on your side. Call us today.

Adoption Attorney in Auburn – If you are considering adopting a child, you should consult experienced lawyers who help ensure that your rights are protected. That’s what we do.

Truck Accident in Auburn – Our experienced lawyers can handle truck accident cases in Auburn. Visit us for a free consultation now.

Drug Charges in Auburn – Drug charges can be a serious offense, carrying significant penalties. If you’ve been charged with possession, or intent to distribute illegal drugs we can help. 

Aggravated DUI in Auburn – Aggravated DUI is even worse than a regular DUI, but you have hope. Call us to learn more.

Assault in Auburn – Assault charges carry serious penalties. If you have been charged with assault in Auburn, visit our experienced criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation now.

White-collared crimes in Auburn – White collar crimes are not usually associated with violence, but they can still carry heavy consequences. Visit us for a free consultation now!