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Social Security is a right afforded us as citizens of our great country. If you have had a job, there is a great chance a part of your paycheck been contributing to the Social Security system.  It is important to know, this system was put into place to protect the citizens of the United States in cases of need. Receiving Social Security Disability is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it something to avoid. It is there for a reason. It is there because people need it. But, it is a government program, which means it can be complicated and it needs an attorney to walk you through the process.

If you have become disabled and need help, you need Alsobrook Jackson, Attorneys at Law. We understand the Social Security process and we can help you get the relief you need, for you and your family.

At The Alsobrook Jackson Law Firm, we are experienced in handling a variety of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income matters, in an effort to obtain relief for its clients.  These matters include:

  • Help applying for Social Security Disability
  • Helping you understand your rights if you are denied
  • Taking your case before the Administrative Office of Courts
  • Filing of appeals on your behalf

If you would like more information on the benefits of the disabled, visit the Social Security administration’s website,

Call Raymond Jackson today at 334.737.3718 for a free consultation or contact us online to speak with a lawyer about your employment law concerns.



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