how long will my truck accident injury case take?

How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Truck Accident Case?

After a truck accident that results in serious injuries, the last thing that you want to be–or should be–worrying about is how you will get compensated for your medical bills, property damage costs, lost wages, and other economic and noneconomic losses. Unfortunately, however, if you do want to receive compensation for these losses, you’ll likely need to pursue damages via a truck accident claim. Our lawyers know that you are eager to settle your claim as soon as possible, and probably have many questions about how long the process takes. Here’s an overview of what you should know regarding the timeline of a truck accident injury claim–

Average Timeline for a Truck Accident Case

Theoretically, a truck accident case could be settled in a few weeks or a few months, assuming that the case is straightforward. However, this doesn’t always happen. What’s more, it can be impossible to predict how long a case will take without first knowing the answers to some very specific questions. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended that you request a free consultation from an Alabama truck accident injury lawyer as soon as possible to get a better understanding of how much time your case may require.

Factors that Make Truck Accident Claims More Complex

While it’s best to not speculate about how long your case may take to settle, there are some factors that can significantly influence the complexity of your case and, therefore, how long it may take to resolve. These factors include:

  • Number of potentially liable parties. If there is just one party against whom you are filing a claim (i.e. a trucking company) and the liability of this party is agreed upon by all those involved, then your claim may be relatively simple. However, the average truck accident involves multiple parties, including the truck driver, the trucking company, a shipper or loader of cargo, a truck part manufacturer, a third-party driver, and the injured party – this means that fault may be disputed, or multiple claims may need to be filed against multiple parties. As such, you may be facing more than one settlement and settlement timeline.
  • Degree of damages. Another thing that can complicate your claim is the degree of damages that you’ve suffered. If you are demanding hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in compensation, there will likely be more pushback from the insurance company, which will likely result in a longer process.
  • Experienced lawyers. Keep in mind that in truck accident cases, trucking companies usually have experienced, top-notch lawyers who are committed to protecting the companies and shielding them from liability. This could make your claim more complex and more difficult to settle.

Other Factors that May Affect Settlement Timeline

In addition to factors that complicate a claim–which in turn usually means a longer settlement timeline–there are a handful of other elements that can affect the settlement timeline. These are:

  • Duration of an investigation. Sometimes, an investigation will take an especially long amount of time. For example, if there are multiple parties involved in the crash.
  • How long it takes to reach MMI. MMI stands for Maximum Medical Improvement, and is a key element in a truck accident settlement. Before a victim of a truck accident reaches MMI, it is impossible to know what their total damages will be. As such, damages cannot be demanded until after MMI is reached. Depending on the severity of injuries, this could be weeks, months, or even longer.
  • Duration of negotiation process. Some negotiations are straightforward. Other times, especially when trained lawyers are involved, there’s a lot of back-and-forth. The duration of a negotiations process can vary greatly depending on who’s involved, their style and desire to resolve things quickly, and whether or not a claimant is willing to accept a settlement that doesn’t give them exactly what they want. Remember that if negotiations are taking multiple months, filing a lawsuit (in order to stay within the statute of limitations) may be your only option.

Our Experienced Lawyers Are Here to Help

Our experienced lawyers at the law office of Alsobrook Law Group want to help you get the settlement that you deserve as fast as you deserve; however, we are not focused on a fast settlement to the point that we will compromise in accepting a settlement offer that is less than you deserve. Instead, we will work hard for you–for as long as it takes–to improve the chances of you walking away with your maximum recovery amount.

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