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We here, at The Alsobrook Law Firm, keep ourselves up to date on the latest developments in Alabama Criminal Procedure and are proud to represent clients with new services. The Alabama Legislature passed an Alabama Expungement Bill which was signed into law on April 7, 2014. The law became effective on July 7, 2014. Under the new Alabama Expungement Law only cases where the charges are dismissed (with or without prejudice), no billed by the Grand Jury, or where the person is acquitted after a trial can be expunged. In cases where the charges were dismissed without prejudice, special restrictions apply.

Whether you made a mistake as a youth or an adult, the idea of expunging the record of a previous arrest should intrigue you. The value of a truly clean slate is undeniable. Hopefully, the information on this page, lets you know that our team at The Alsobrook Law Firm understands the law and your rights. Please keep in mind, not all records may be expunged. So, you to call us today for further information and to set up your consultation.

Let our team help you erase the records of your past.

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