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Will My Divorce Affect My Military Retirement Benefits?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

Divorce affects people from all walks of life. Members of our armed forces are no exception. About 3.5 percent of service members are granted a divorce each year. For certain populations within the military, the divorce rate is far higher. A common question when military service men and women get divorced relates to the… Read More »

Rights of Unmarried Fathers in Alabama

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

About forty percent of babies in the United States are born to unmarried women. The preponderance of children born out of wedlock affects another crucial group who should be involved in the lives of these children — their fathers. Do unmarried fathers have rights to their children? The fundamental legal principle that underlies fathers’… Read More »

When You Are a Domestic Violence Victim

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

Hardly a month goes by without a case in the headlines that involves domestic violence. Whether it is the world-famous Oscar Pistorious killing his girlfriend or the arrest of Edward Furlong — the now-grown-up child actor from Terminator 2 — for domestic violence violations, there seems to be no end to these tragic stories…. Read More »

Have You Been Arrested for Public Intoxication?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

Leland Terrell, a decorated veteran of the Mobile, Alabama police force, made the mistake of his career earlier this year. While he was off-duty, he got drunk and went to a Waffle House, where he drew his gun in public. After reviewing the evidence, the police chief fired Terrell, a formerly respected officer who… Read More »

I Was Wrongfully Convicted. Can I File Under Rule 32?

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

A recent article in the journal Criminal Law Bulletin estimates that 5,000 and 10,000 people are wrongfully convicted of crimes in the United States each year. Of these, at least 2,000 innocent people spend time in jail for improper convictions. If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, one of the tools at… Read More »

The Penalties for Drug Crimes in Alabama

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

Authorities encountered a new form of marijuana when they arrested a Kansas State University student on Spring Break in Alabama for possession of Cheba Chews. The chocolate candy contains THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The student now faces possession charges, the same as if the drug was in its traditional form. What can… Read More »

Arrested for Domestic Violence

By Alsobrook & Agricola |

What happens next? An act of domestic violence that started with a wife’s request to go home ended up with the deployment of a SWAT team to surround the husband and take him into custody. Darrell Wade Hopkins, who held his wife at gunpoint and repeatedly threatened to kill her, now faces both kidnapping… Read More »

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